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If you are a manufacturing company with less than 2000 employees, not receiving other funding, you may qualify for 50% funding by CT DOL.
Class sizes are limited.

21st Century Leadership

This 3 day course will provide new and experienced supervisors and managers the skills to succeed. Topics will include coaching, motivation, goal setting, communication, interviewing skills, performance reviews, team development, managing conflict, and time management to name a few.
Schedule January 23, 24, and 25

Blueprint Reading

This program is designed to help workers develop the basic skills required for visualizing and interpreting industrial prints, skills which are essential to the success of any quality improvement or scrap reduction effort.
Schedule January 28, 29, and 30

Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing

Based on ASME Y14.5-2009, this instructor-led introduction course simplifies GD&T learning using mostly visual material to explain basics of GD&T application, interpretation and verification as well as implications from design to manufacturing. Exercises are used throughout the course.
Schedule February 4 and 5

Industry 4.0 Advanced Manufacturing Overview

This overview will introduce participants to multiple technologies used in production including: Mechatronics, Automation, Solid Modelling, and 3D Printing.
Schedule January 24

Industry 4.0 Agile & Scrum Methodology Overview

This hands-on interactive workshop will introduce the core principles of agile software methodology and their practical applications in scrum-driven projects.
Schedule February 8

Industry 4.0 Artificial Intelligence Overview

This overview will provide a hands-on introductions to AI technologies and AI-enabled tools. The content will be presented from the end-user and business perspective of using AI applications.
Schedule February 1

Industry 4.0 Elements of Supply Chain Management Overview

In this overview course the participants will explore and investigate the many complex elements, interfaces and controls in a supply chain. Participants will gain hands-on experience working with these elements and translate them to the work environment.
Schedule March 29

Industry 4.0 Fundamentals of Business Analytics Overview

Participants will learn about techniques for applying business analytics tools with an overview of analytics - case studies that show how analytics can be used to enhance competitive positioning.
Schedule March 8

Industry 4.0 Inspection Using GD&T and Blue Light Tecnology Overview

This overview introduces participants to the integration of Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerencing and the use of optical scanning technology.
Schedule March 1

Industry 4.0 Mechatronics & Robotics Overview

This overview introduces multiple technologies used in production including: Interfaces of Electromechanical Devices, Integration with Automation Technologies, Sensors and their Applications, Data Acquisition and Collection, Mechanical Design Interfaces and Basic Microprocessor or PLC Programming.
Schedule February 22

Industry 4.0 Open Source Coding Overview

The Open Source Coding Overview will explore automation, computerized design and operational system components of open source solutions. Participants will be introduced to multiple technologies used in applications of Open Source Coding and related technology.
Schedule March 15

Industry 4.0 Operations Management Overview

This overview is designed to cover core concepts, principles, "laws", and quantitative methods used to design, analyze, improve and control operational systems in manufacturing and service businesses.
Schedule January 25

ISO 13485:2016 Internal Auditor

This course covers the fundamentals of auditing and specific techniques thereof. Included will be review and interpretation of the ISO 13485:2016 Standard as well as application of techniques during audit scenarios.
Schedule December 19 and 20

ISO 9001:2015/AS9100 Rev D Internal Auditor

This course covers the fundamentals of auditing and specific techniques thereof. Included will be review and interpretation of the ISO 9001:2015 Standard as well as application of techniques during audit scenarios.
Schedule February 21 and 22

Lean Enterprise Tool Certification

Lean Enterprise improvement practitioners are trained professionals that do process and product improvement project work. This training provides the methodology and tools to begin the journey for improving processes, services, or products, in order to achieve performance breakthrough.
Schedule Jan. 30, Feb. 6, 20, and 27

Project Management

The objective of this program is to provide project leaders with planning skills and the confidence to effectively manage project teams. This workshop is highly interactive and discussion oriented. Participants are encouraged to plan a near-term project.
Schedule January 9 and 11

Root Cause - Corrective Action

Root Cause Analysis and Corrective Action is a process for finding the true cause(s) of events, identifying and implementing corrective actions. This training will include tools for effective problem solving, FMEA & PFMEA, and application in various industries:medical, aerospace, automotive, & more!
Schedule February 28 and March 1

Six Sigma Black Belt Certification

Six Sigma Black Belt Certification is a cross functional experience to assist individuals in being able to utilize statistical tools and measures to reduce variation. It is a 120-hour program, with an open book test on the last day.
Schedule Mar. 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, Apr. 15, 16, 17, 18, May 20, 21, 22, 23, 24

Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

Green Belts are Six Sigma practitioners who do process and product improvement project work. The focus of Six Sigma is to reduce and control variation and waste in our processes based on the importance to the customer and the business needs.
Schedule Feb. 11, 12, 13, Mar. 11, 12, 13