Dates: TBD

Times: 8:30 am — 4:30 pm

Location: 185 Main Street, New Britain, CT 06051

Cost: $1300

Industry 4.0 Agile & Scrum Methodology Overview

The Connecticut Technology Talent Advisory Committee of DECD reports that experience with agile software methods is one of the crucial skills where employers are hiring. Agile approach to software project management is driven by a belief that this style of software development is more customer-centric and improves team collaboration. Although agile was slow to start, its adoption has been growing very quickly over the last five years. Scrum has now become the most popular application of agile methods. This hands-on interactive workshop will introduce the core principles of agile software methodology and their practical applications in scrum-driven projects. The target audience is software developers, project managers and executives. Previous experience (participation, leadership, management) with team-based projects is preferred. No programming/coding experience is required.


Values of Agile

  • Agile advantages and best practices

Benefits of Agile

  • Should I switch to Agile?
  • Productivity with Scrum and Agile

Different Roles in a Scrum Team

  • Software Developers, Project Managers, Analysts and Executive roles on the team

Game-centric Scrum Simulation

  • Everyone can participate
  • No coding required

Benefits of Using Agile in other areas

  • DevOps, Business Analytics and Big Data